Tifa Tomb



It's all kermit's fault, really...

When I was a kid, we watched The Muppet Show. 10 or so cousins, all stopping our goofiness for 30 minutes to stare at the TV. I learned 2 things: That somebody, somewhere behind the scenes makes the show, and that good stories bring people together. I actually earned a BA in Electronic and Visual Communications blah blah blah years ago, but, afraid I couldn't make a decent living at it, I jumped into education, and stayed steady in it until 2015. That was when I heard my internal career clock ticking and figured it was now or never for making content. That started a pretty much non-stop immersion into production and pre-production around the Seattle area. I have met great people and made some good stuff. Maybe we can work together to make some more? Click below to see my intro video.